Wallet Prints

From $6.00

Choose from Glossy, Matte, or Luster Wallet Sized Prints. 11 to 13 2"x3" copies arranged onto one 8"x10" Sheet for you to cut at home. Great for scrapbooks, collages, and personalized gifts. 

Luster finish provides an elegant fingerprint-resistant surface and almost completely eliminates glare. 
Great for portrait, wedding, and fine art photography prints. (Best Quality - 11 prints per page)

Matte finish is ideal for preventing reflections and glare. Matte paper has a coating to resist smudging and glare, as it absorbs light. While the colors are accurate, it’s muted. So, the print won’t look as vibrant or luxurious as glossy finishes. Best for Black and White or other high-contrast photos (13 prints per page)

Glossy Finish is the best for making the colors pop. It offers a luxurious shine, smooth surface, and excellent contrast. However, it is more prone to dust, fingerprint smudges, and glare. Glossy photos are the ones you most likely already have in your photo albums and around your home and can be great for any photo (13 prints per page)


Luster (11 Prints)
Matte (13 Prints)
Glossy (13 Prints)

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